Sunday, 27 April 2014

" DIVINE VISION " - A Journey Towards Positivity & Divinity ..................


   Welcome To " DIVINE VISION " - A Journey Towards Positivity & Divinity ..................

         NATURE  has always revealed the fact that everything has got two-fold aspect . Where there is good , there is bad too ; where there is day , there has to be night and vice-versa . Likewise we know well that " LIFE " is not just a bed of roses . Pain and struggle are part and parcel of life . For some less , for some more but yes it has to be somewhere at some part of our earthly journey . No one is left untouched .

                   Life is the most important and beautiful gift of God . But , what if a struggle is at it's zenith and life becomes a torture ? What if the pain is so unbearable that it shatters us mentally and emotionally to an extent of taking a wrong step to end our life , our most precious asset ?
                               Yes , there are many people among us who are suffering , facing such torture , some struggling and fighting with life to either cope up or adjust with it and some giving up their life after failure and disappointment . But , the question arises , Is this the end to be ? Isn't there any solution ?
               Well , there are exceptionals . There are genius who have answered this . The problem actually not lies in the problem itself rather it lies in our VISION towards it . They have proved that nothing is impossible , there's no need to lose hope . A POSITIVE VISION has the power to see a beam of hope behind each negativity . Yes , my friends , it's our " VISION " which either motivates us to cross the toughest hurdles of life or else take a step back .

                                     In the eyes of the Almighty , there is no such word called Negative because His Vision is full of POSITIVITY and where there is Positivity , there is Divinity . Problems are just His task to test us . The more closer we are to His heart , the more difficult is the task . A Divine Vision is a Vision which has the potential to see every positivity and possibility hidden behind any negativity , a Vision with which God wants us to see Life and its happening .

                    This Blog is all about positivity , counselling , inspiration , motivation , meditation , quotes  , positive thoughts and positive people I admire and respect , who make us believe " YOUR WEAKNESS CAN BE YOUR BIGGEST STRENGTH WITH A POSITIVE VISION " . The reason behind writing this blog is to express my thoughts , views and feeling and also to share them with you all hoping that they might inspire you at some point of your life as they did it to me .

  - Urvashi Agarwal


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